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For the biological parent(s) considering adoption at birth for their newborn

- Basic information on the functioning of adoption at birth in the province and administrative region of residence of the biological parent(s);

- Reference to key contacts in government and/or, in most Canadian provinces, State-accredited private adoption agencies;

- Moral, administrative, material and financial support (direct purchases rather than donations in kind), during pregnancy, at birth, through the adoption process and afterwards, with no time limit, up to and until the biological parent(s) requests that the service be terminated;

- A network of volunteer « mentors » ready to support the biological parent(s) as if they were their own family, with help in domestic tasks, errands, transportation and a loving presence at home or for outings;

For people thinking about adopting a Canadian newborn

- Reference to key contacts in government and/or, in most Canadian provinces, state-accredited private adoption agencies;

- Information on government allocations in support of adoption;

For health professionals
- Presentation tools for adoption at birth as a possible option in case of pregnancies that are difficult to assume:
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How the service works

 The Vivere Canadian newborn adoption support service is completely free. All our services are offered by volunteers whose         objective is to simply be of service for the biological parent(s) who chose this option.

All requests for help must, with no exception, be channelled through the regional volunteer coordinator, who is also a volunteer, and who works on call. It is the regional coordinator who determines the volunteer shifts and who chooses the volunteers required for the tasks requested by the biological parent(s), according to the availability of each volunteer and on a volunteer rotation basis;

The volunteer shifts last a minimum of one hour and a maximum of three; Services can start being offered as at 7 a.m. and all shifts must end no later than 8 p.m.; they can be offered seven days a week; The volunteer must report-in to the volunteer coordinator, by phone, after each shift (number of hours; tasks accomplished); The coordinator always does a follow-up phone call with the person helped, after a volunteer shift, to check if everything went well; Any volunteer who elicits complaints that are important, grounded and verified and who, once clearly informed of the complaints, refuses to correct themselves and/or repair any wrong done, will have to be promptly disallowed from the service ; As a support network is formed around the biological parent(s), volunteers do not take on an overload of responsibility towards the person(s) helped; No long-term engagement is required from volunteers, but any such possibility can be beneficial and of course welcomed.

Canadian newborn adoption support

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