Our code of ethics


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Our volunteers commit in writing to follow the following code of ethics:

- Absolute confidentiality: no mention whatsoever and to whosoever of the name of the persons helped or of any private and personal information relating to that person;

- No money donations to the person helped (if the volunteer is able and willing and if the person helped requests it, donations can be made in the form of direct buys, by the volunteer, for any one of the basic living expenses, such as a bus pass, maternity clothes, groceries, etc.);

- Volunteers must be adult women, ideally mothers or grand-mothers;

- Male volunteers can support biological parents but without any personal contact (e.g. fix-up jobs at a distance or on the exterior of the home, always in the presence of a female volunteer, and always within direct sight of busy public roads);

- Volunteers do not accept any donations whatsoever from the persons helped, be it in the form of money, services or other gifts ;

- Volunteers must respect any commitment convened with the person helped through the coordinator, and they must be punctual; If they cannot honour their engagement, they must inform the coordinator 24 hours in advance so that the coordinator may find a replacement among the other recognised volunteers in the network;

- The help given must be of a modest nature. No services involving bodily contact can be offered (e.g. dressing or undressing, personal hygiene like baths, etc.). Volunteers do not sleep at the homes of the persons helped and vice versa; Volunteers and persons helped never sleep in the same place; they cannot, either, go on outings outside the city of residence of the biological parent(s).

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