Who are we ?


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The Vivere Canadian newborn adoption support service exists to assist biological parent(s) and parents who are considering adoption as well as health professionals in community centres, hospitals and educational institutions as well as community organisations in their procedures relating to adoption. We provide, for and in each of the
Canadian provinces, a certain number of services

The service is a personal initiative of a simple citizen who is sensitive
to the needs of people interested in adoption at birth as a possible option in
case of an accidental pregnancy or one that is difficult to assume.
Mrs. Isabelle O'Connor has many years of experience as a  volunteer in community
 organisations, like for example, Albatros, a movement dedicated to the
accompaniment of persons who have received a terminal orpre-terminal diagnostic.
Rich with her experience on the board of directors of organisations like this one, Ms. Bégin understands the health and educational systems. Fluently bilingual, she launches this service Canada-wide and is perpetually recruiting new volunteers in the different localities of the country so as to continue building support networks that are indispensable for the efficient adoption of Canadian newborns. May any and all so interested persons not hesitate to join us!

Canadian newborn adoption support